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for the garden


By Lisa Slater

Years ago, the unimaginable murder of eleven-year-old Samuella Rose, Sarina Rose’s twin sister, left Sarina in a downward spiral, plagued by nightmares. Fifteen years later - the case still wide open - the only way she has been keeping her head above water is her massage therapist, Duane Whitson, who helps her combat the daily torture of head pains, and Detective Small, who had never given up on combing every lead in search for justice. However, it’s her unlikely roommate, Becky Bracken, that introduces Sarina to a new approach. Together, they discover there might be more to these nightmares than residing childhood trauma.

A cold shiver covered Becky’s arms and legs with goosebumps. This was beyond superstition or hoaxes. This was actually happening. Graver still, she suspected, Sarina had no idea.

As Sarina attempts to consider Becky’s impossible prospect, that her dead sister was trying to communicate with her, she finds that it’s difficult to have faith, and not lose one’s saneness. Finding the killer could be worth the risk, but if she succeeded, would anyone even believe her?

What did she have to lose? Just her sanity. Maybe her life. 

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