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By Lisa Slater

Lisa, You have done it again, and taken us on a journey of the heart.

"Holder of The Horses exceeds any expectations and once again I was up late because I had to finish the book.

And in the end tears were flowing from the emotions of the characters. Their loss was mine, their joys were mine. Thank you does not seem to be enough to say for sharing your gift with us."

-Sandra Gill

Your book was amazing!!!

I am going to work with puffy eyes from all the crying, but it is totally worth it because you write beautiful love stories. You are so talented my friend!!!"

-Samantha Clayburn

Wow! I have never read a love story to the end in my life.

They just don’t seem to hold my attention. BUT; this one did! 

It was very hard to put down as you were anxious to know what came next. It can’t help but pull you in & make you feel like you are there.

The amount of details & description brings the scene to life in your mind!  You will absolutely enjoy the rugged charm and ranch life in this book!"

-Carrie Sjogren

Lisa knows just how to draw the reader

Lisa knows just how to draw the reader in and keep you reading until the last page.

Grab your tissues and a good chair before you start this book!!"

-Jen Storts

Such an absolutely amazing book!

"I didn't want to stop reading once I started, great job, I will definitely read it again!"

-Amber Daget

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