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The Redemptive Autobiography of a Patrol Tracking Canine that Transformed a Community and Inspired the World.


By Lisa Slater

This book is based on a true story. It is told by Odin, Coos County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Tracking Canine, badge number 5K3. The intended spirit of this book is to provide the unique and invaluable opportunity to experience life through Odin’s eyes, allowing readers to bear the noble weight of a dog’s capacity, for what some might call, a flickering and waning human role—to serve faithfully and with abounding love.
Rescued from being euthanized, Odin becomes a Patrol Tracking Canine, partnered with Adam Slater. As only Odin can narrate, he and Adam journey through mountainous challenges and ferocious fights with inhospitable terrain, remorseless subjects, and potentially spirit-shattering injuries.
K9 ODIN is a redemptive story which demonstrates that anyone, or any dog, is capable of employing their courage and heart to transform a community and inspire the world.

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