Adam's Page (Lisa's Husband)

A fun look at Author - Lisa Slater

"Both my horse's need ridden...I wish I had two rear ends...not on the same body though"

-Lisa Slater


"Why are they called forever ponies if they don't live forever"....."But I guess if it's a bad pony it would feel like forever."

-Lisa Slater


Driving home Lisa saw a man holding onto what I call the oh s--t handle and she says, "Oh look he's holding the "hope handle,".... I ask... "What is the, hope handle?"  Lisa says, "Its what you hold when you hope someone's driving improves,...or you hope you live."


At a recent (Serious) training I bust out my pen, pictured to the right and my wife Lisa Slater, says....."Never live down to someone else's expectations."


Lisa's Definition of "Flishing"

"Its a cross bewtween flicking and swishing."



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