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The Birthday Gift

May 1, 2018

My youngest son looks forward to his birthday for eleven months out of the year (The twelfth month he plans for Christmas). Being a natural manager, he spends all that time contemplating what he would like to do for his special day. Weighing the pros and cons of having a slumber party at home with numerous friends, or having a bowling or swimming party with a limited amount of friends is a chief challenge. 

About a month, or even two, away from the approaching day, he will sit down and make a list. A very extensive, long list. The list contains birthday wishes and ideas, including all price categories, from new underwear or gummy worms to a canoe or four-wheeler. I bet ya, in a few years he will add car insurance and college tuition. Okay, college tuition is just my wishful thinking… 

There is one thing I ceaselessly declare he may NOT put on his list. No more darn stuffed animals!  This brings me to tell you what he received from a dear friend of ours for his latest birthday. 

Our friends have recently purchase a super studly Dodge Charger. So when they pulled in with her farm truck, only I knew why. (I love being on the inside of awesome secrets!) I lured most of the guests to follow me outside with the birthday boy to greet the freshly arrived friends, surely wondering why, but they amused me anyway, because they are all awesome like that. 

As my son and I approached, our friend lifted the canopy door on the back of her truck and what did we see? A beautiful black bodied, baby, bull calf with a large, white face and four wobbly, white legs. My son’s face lit with delighted surprise! 

He has been feeding bottles two to three times a day and visiting the barn regularly ever since. What a great gift! Never had he thought to put a real, live, baby calf on his wide-ranging list. I wager, from this birthday forward, “live animal” will be ever present on his long directory of gift suggestions.



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