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July 9, 2018

I’ve lost count how many years I’ve been taking our country life to the city. It’s something I have always felt was important. I remember being a little girl who would get feverish every time I so much as spotted a horse in the distance. If it was being ridden, I was toast. As an extremely shy child, I wished from the bottom of my very being that someone would take notice of my condition. No stranger ever did. When I grew up I decided to be the stranger who was mindful of the impact a little bit of country and love of animals could make. And so, my boys and I, frequently pack up pieces of our life to take and share with others.

We begin large adventures the day before, readying everything from hay bales, water buckets, and temporary enclosures. Then, if you can picture it, we skip around the field with large butterfly nets and catch the fresh animal scented air, stuffing it into bags, and tightening down the lids. Nah, not really. We just load our friends (of the animal variety) into the trailer early the next morning and drive them to town. The animals do the rest.


Although I am partial to my particular animals, they really are amazing. They seem to understand exactly what I have explained to them. (Yes, I explain it them.) Our massive beasts step politely from the horse trailer and look around. They stand quietly as we shine their coats with brushes and braid fake flowers into their hair. Then, as the people begin to arrive, they greet each and every human, short or tall, young or old, with a gentle muzzle and attentive ears. The only time they forget to be personable is when a nap briefly intervenes, but even then, they dream that voices are chattering and hands are stroking their heads, which they are. When they wake, they take off right where they left, holding their big heads out for little fingers to nervously touch.


I have to tell you, I’m even more delighted over my children’s interactions with people then I am the animal’s. Both of my sons smile and speak softly to children and boldly answer questions asked by adults. I see in them things that took me years to develop in myself. Alongside my husband, my sons have turned into my heroes. I see them believe in good, and more impressively, they create and share the good within themselves with others.


Yes, we take our country life to the city, but if we can, maybe we take a little more than just the fresh animal scented air.





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