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Three Easy Steps To Being A Writer


Our brain learns best through self discovery and repetition.

In school I did well in English class. Not because I drilled the rules but because I went with what “felt” right. It was usually correct. Why?

I’ve been listening to the English language since I was born. I listen, therefore I speak.

You read… you’ve got it… therefore you write.

I’ve also heard it put this way. You are an expert in the differences between a real orange and a fake orange. How? Did you attend special training, a seminar, a workshop in oranges? No. You were given your first orange a long time ago to feel, smell, and taste. You’ve likely encountered oranges many times since. Now you are an expert in the differences between a real orange and a fake orange.

Read so you can tell the difference between what is real and what is fake.


Writing is the same as learning to swim or ride a horse. At first you’re awkward and maybe a little scared. But you get better each time you try and you get really good when you truly commit.

No one was born with knowledge or experience. They must be acquired. Everyone starts at the beginning. Get started. Write.


I don’t mean to feed it with negativity. When your stomach is empty and growling with discomfort, have you ever eased its hunger by criticizing it? Probably not.

Feeding your inner critic means to satisfy its needs. It pipes up with concerns because it’s hungry for something, usually faith.

Let’s say your inner critic says, “I have so much to say, but I struggle forming it into a thought”. Feeding the need would be taking a writing class. Let’s say your inner critic says, “I don’t have the first clue how to get published “. Feeding the need would be subscribing to a page for writers where you can ask such questions.

Your inner critic is expressing fears and sometimes valid concerns. They aren’t excuses. They are areas of weakness that are ready to be filled with strength. Your inner critic will thank you.

Now write.

Lisa Slater



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